Call of duty ww2 the historic event?

imageA few months ago Call of Duty decided to go back to basics and released a WW2 Style game. I was so exited when I found out that sledgehammer and Activision were releasing it I rushed down to Game to pre – order it. Once the beta was released I started to  dislike it ever so slightly. Then I purchased it when I got home I rushed to play it. I rather enjoyed the campaign but nothing could prepare you for the multiplayer…

When I played it for the first time I chose team death match on USSR Texas. It was  very exiting when I was playing but that was not often as I was sniped on a regular basis with a gun that never saw any action in WW2 what so EVER but the fact that you can pick up fallen guns was a huge strong point for me. Something you can’t do in its competitor battlefield 1.

So in conclusion it is a great game but you have to sweat to get anything out of this game.

Game play 9 -10

Graphics 10 – 10

Realisim 5 – 10

Overall “MLG ness”  8.5 – 10










Sturmgeschutes the second instalment


Hi guys,

Helloo I am back with the final instalment of the stug 3. After the last part I got straight  to work assembling /painting the tracks I used a, Tamiya mat black (X-1) a Tamiya red brown (xf-64) a Humbrol dark brown (mat73) and finally a Humbrol brown (mat113) after painting the tracks I used some weathering material (only knows what’s in that stuff) doesn’t matter as it a brilliant rust effect on the tracks. after the tracks came the Shurtsen (a riot shied for the tanks) this was easily assembled but supports are broken easily as I have found out! Next was the decals (these came with the kit so no need to buy extras) these were applied buy soaking them is hot water for around 50 seconds. Finally I brushed it in a layer of varnish this stops the paint coming of at a later date. Next  time I will officially be starting the B17 flying fortresses.



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Anther one bites the stug 

Hi guys

There has been a small change instead of the B17 Flying Fortress I have started a Tamiya 1:35 Sturmgeschuts 4. This build  was difficult as some parts would not stick together, I used tamiya extra thin cement and the assembely of the upper hull was very straight forward.I have not finished yet but I will keep you informed. I have really enjoyed this build as it is different to a usual moving turret tank. I will try to do more builds like this (aka, self propelled guns and anti tank batteries) and if you guys have any suggestions it will be a huge help. As you will see the tank commander has a pea pattern uniform this was quite easy as I used a needle for the white dots on the shirt.I have added Italeri German ww2 elite infantry they were also given pea pattern uniforms and very cool weapons. They will be seen again in the final post (about two weeks😬)

Here a few pictures of how I am getting on 

Dunkirk the fate of over 400,000 soldiers.

A few weeks ago I went to see the recently released Dunkirk film. I was really excited when I heard that they were making a film about the worst military disaster EVER as I’m a big history buff and was intrigued to see how Chistopher Nolan would bring  it to life. 

The film was shot in three parts land, sea and air and was expertly shown as every little detail was executed to such a high standard.

When I went to see it we were put in an imax screen and the sound was so good it made you feel like you were on the beaches yourself. 

I really enjoyed Dunkirk it was a great film although factually incorrect in parts but I can’t wait to see it again.

Best part :

When all the soldiers came home and were given beer, sweets and a news paper and boy did they deserve it!!😀.

Worst part: 

The mass amount of death but we need to be reminded what they went through so it never happens again! 


Whach this space for a tamiya update. 

Victoria Sponge

Hi guys,

I’m back with the “drumroll please”……………………. my  final offering for the bake off challenge (yes, yes only 6 months late I hear you mutter – but better late than never)! I was happy that I was doing a Victoria sponge because it is one of my favourite cakes of all time and, like the rest of my family, “I love da cake” (Copyright Little Britain) .

When I was making the sponge, I discovered that my cake tins were surprisingly big so ended up making double quantities which made the sponge look like a giant scone (see picture).

Needless to say the cake went down a storm with the family.

That’s it from me for now but i’ll see you next time for Lego star wars

































































































































































B17G Flying Fortress

Hi guys,

This is another one of my crazy projects.

About three years ago I took up plastic kit  modelling and I have been hooked ever since. I started with a 1:72 Supermarine Spitfire and now have a collection of  the most iconic tanks and aeroplanes of the Second World War.

This Christmas  I was surprised with one the most heavily armed bombers  of  the Second World War, the American B17G Flying Fortress.

I looked at the instructions and I was scared at how finicky it was and then I thought there is noting that the caramelwaferaddict can’t handle=).

While I build it I will post pictures about how I’m getting on.

I will leave you with a picture of what I’m about to face!!.





Hi guys just a quick post today. Two days ago I went to a Mexican deli and it was amazing.There was great choice of soups, sweets, spices and tortillas. I was spoilt for choice but here’s what I bought .

img_5248 I really enjoyed the experience,  I liked the Jarritos as it is Mexico’s original soft drink.What is your favourite twixmas snack?

toodeloothenoo =)





ROGUE ONE – A Film review

This is out to all you budding Star Wars fans. if you haven’t seen Rogue One LOOK AWAY NOW!!!.

When I went to see Rogue One I was surprised at how well it fitted into the original series, nicely filling the gap before Episode 4 (A New Hope – my personal favourite). In my opinion it is one of the greatest star wars film EVER. The action scenes are amazing, the plot is good and moves quickly (particularly in the second half). The new characters were really good, but it was amazing to meet old favourites again.

My favourite character was the droid, K-2SO as he was hilarious and cool and I also liked Chirrut Imwe. I loved his martial arts and the way his staff could change into a crossbow. It was a great film. My only complaint is that everyone dies =(.

I’ve been lucky enough to see Rogue One twice. =).

Over all I would rate Rogue One a solid four and a half out of 5.


See you next time for twixmas surprises

May the force be with you.




The palmier premier

Hi guys,

Sorry about the delay I’ve been so caught up with my social/academic life . I didn’t expect the bake off challenge to be so chalenging but I’m happy to announce that now I have just one more bake left!.

As I went into this bake I was a little sad that my parents said that I couldn’t take them to the cinema (star wars review to follow) like Tom but they said it was too messy 😞 There is a lot of ingredients that you may not have in your store cupboard but it’s worth it and I would also recommend using pre made pastry as it’s very time consuming to make your own especially at this time of year.

heres some pictures of how I got on

I’m having trouble with copying the hyperlink in the WordPress app but you can look up Jane Beedle sun dried tomato and pesto palmiers.

See you soon for Star Wars and Victoria sponge.

Toodeloothenoo 😀🍰


Hi guys, I’m back with another foodie adventure.

This week I made a really scrumptious roulade. It was tough but it turned out very well. Although I make everything sound easy this wasn’t, well it would have if my mum in her infinite wisdom hadn’t floated in without reading the recipe (which she always makes me do!)  and decided to chuck all my egg yolks away!!! 😁😡🙀

I was really surprised that this recipe didn’t contain any flour but it makes it gluten free and very light. We didn’t have strawberries so I had to quickly pull out the strawberry sauce as I thought it needed something sharp to cut through the cream and it worked!.

See you next time for biscuits.

Toodleoothenoo 🙂


The Great British Catch-up

Hi guys, between school and a really hectic life I have neglected you and the bake off challenge and for that I am very sorry!! My teacher declared that we had to bake a space show stopper so that took up a lot of my time. Annoyingly I made a school boy error and forgot to take a picture!!

So here is a quick round up of what I have done recently, but I still have 5 more bakes to go so please stay with me people.

Laced pancakes, my little sister loved these as she thought I had made them in heart shapes just for her!


Bakewell tart, so the meaning of this bake is that you have to bake it well and I definitely baked it well! see what you think?

tip: remember the egg in the frangipane because mine scrambled!!

“Life is like a lemon meringue pie” to quote from one of my favourite books (Mr Gumm) and I couldn’t agree more, here’s mine.

img_3872see you next time for roulade =)